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As an entrepreneur I took publishing my books into my own hands. On this page you will find the various ebooks, hardcopies and audiobooks that I have available.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Dr. Berry Pierre

Dr. Berry Pierre is a best selling author and national speaker who has touches on a range of issues affecting health, wellness, adversity & community building. Easy to read and understand book with advice given in a story-telling interesting style. A must-read for people interested in maintaining and improving their health.

Dr. Pierre

About the Book

Affirmation 2016 is a product of the massive support I have received from friends, family & colleagues.

Many of you have been around since I was just a kid who wanted to become a doctor, others began to follow along on my personal blog but whatever the case you have seen my ups and downs.

With the New Year approaching I wanted to reflect on just what are my goals for the upcoming year in my world. I walk you through my goals and aspirations for 2018 and just how I plan to accomplish them.